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Our Mongolia motorcycle adventure tours are yet more of H-C Travel’s  great adventure tours. This is a country that proves that by being in the middle of everything you are furthest away from everywhere. It is the least densely populated country in the World, with a population of under 3 million in an area three times the size of France. And it has about 200 km of paved road outside of the Capital Ulaan Baatar (we will ride most of it!). We offer two itineraries, each with their own distinctive flavour, anchored by the world famous Nadaam Festival..MON - Mongolia

Mongolia is a land of dramatic deserts, endless steppe and forested mountains. Embark on an entirely new cultural experience and ride with us through this breathtaking scenery. See past centuries still thriving in Ulaan Baatar, the country’s capital, and former trading post between Siberia and China. Centuries ago Mongolia was the dominant world power, as Kublai Khan and Genghis Khan built up the Mongol Empire. Now little is left, but the caravan routes survive, and so do the ger camps on them, which form the basis of our tour. You will discover and understand more about the nomadic people that roam this startlingly untamable region.

Genghis Kahn called on uncanny military instinct, bold political unions and raw courage to successfully create a vast empire in the 13th century. To most people, the titan and his armies, sweeping across Asia and through Europe, is the most recognized association with the country of Mongolia. And while Genghis Kahn remains a revered legend in this land bordering China to the south and Siberia to the north, today the modern adventurer will find Mongolia to be peaceful and above all locked into an incredible lifestyle and appearance that is thousands of years old..MON - Yurt

All who have experienced Mongolia delight in the friendly hospitality of the people and the enchantment of their tranquil and nomadic lifestyle. Mongolians still find a soulful connection with the horse and their riding skills are instinctive. The yurt, a versatile dwelling that consists of wooden poles and a felt covering, conforms to the nomadic lifestyle of the rural Mongol people and will also serve as your accommodation during much of our outback travels. Consider this a highlight and be prepared to learn of the special manners and philosophies of the yurt as it is more than just a roof over your head: it is a place of worship, comfort and social hospitalities.

The ride is likely to be the most liberating in your life, with unobstructed navigation over vast grass lands where few roads exist of any nature. After all who needs roads where the horse still serves as the main means of transportation for the vast majority of the population. Offroad experience is essential.

Our Mongolia adventure tours are not for those who seek elegance or contemporary Western style amenities. However if one were to measure the travel experience on qualities of cultural interaction and the benefits of riding lands known to only a few, there is possibly no more rewarding or invigorating ride than our Gobi and the Great North Adventure.MON - desert

This adventure tour is not for those who seek elegance or contemporary Western style amenities.  However if you were to measure the travel experience on qualities of cultural interaction and the benefits of riding lands known to only a few, there is possibly no more rewarding or invigorating ride than our Gobi and the Great North Adventure.

Our 2009 Yamaha WR450 motorcycles are ideally suited to the fast tracks and poor roads. We ride caravan roads through grass steppes, desert mountains, sand dunes and stunning gorges. For the most part our accommodation is in yurts - not the Ritz, but these circular yak felt tents are definitely the real thing! Our camps all have bathrooms with hot showers, separate dining yurts with waitress service and a bar, and our yurts have clean bedding, furniture and stoves – a far superior and more traditional experience than tented camps. Food is generally simple local meals cooked around a campfire, mainly involving lamb in some form or another - soup, kebab, ‘burger’ - and some excellent ice-cream, washed down with a bowl of ‘airag’ (fermented mare’s milk). The exception is Ulaan Baatar, which has some excellent Chinese and even European-style restaurants.

Why tour Mongolia?

    • A truly intriguing country, little seen or understood by Westerners for centuries
    • Unique lifestyle and customs
    • If anywhere can change your perception of life, Mongolia can
    • If you like remote, then Mongolia has just what you are looking for
    • The original ‘big sky’ country
    • Experience the Nadaam Festival

Why tour Mongolia with H-C Travel?

    • Experienced Western tour guide, guiding in Mongolia since 2002
    • Professional Mongolian support crew
    • Small tour groups
    • Our tours are run with approved Mongolian guides and fully licensed in the UK
    • Nadaam Festival included
    • No tents only traditional yurts!
    • Motorcycle choice
    • Support vehicle for non-riders

Your guide

Eric Moffat has been traveling by motorcycle throughout Asia since his father, Patrick Moffat, first introduced him to that fine art in the early 1990s. After Patrick’s untimely passing in late 2010, Eric has continued his father’s work coordinating and leading Asian motorcycle adventures. Patrick was the true pioneer of motorcycle touring in Asia, running the first ever tours to Mongolia, Tibet and Bhutan and developing the routes to the highest pass in the World, Khardung-La, and across Rajasthan. Eric has inherited not just that spirit but also Patrick’s empathy with the Himalayan region and he and our dedicated local crew will really bring out the best in Tibet—and the best in you.


Visas are required for UK and EU citizens. You will be sent further details once you have paid for your tour in full (usually visas can only be issued less than three months before the required dates). Visa costs are about 30-35, with processing fees if you wish to use a visa processing agency, of about 40.


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